Inspiration Before The Weekend- Ambition Is A Dream With A V8 Engine

Life happens in moments, BRO! That moment when you’re driving on the freeway and that killer tune comes on, that moment when you’re sitting and looking at that rad view and you pop the top off another beer, when a little kid holds your hand to cross the street, that first kiss with a girl you recently met!! MOMENTS!!

We’re all looking for the perfect ending, driving off into the sunset, rock tunes playing, angels singing your praise…but let’s not kid ourselves, it doesn’t happen like that, does it? Life doesn’t end when you receive that big promotion, or when you buy that dream car, not even when you walk down the wedding isle, it happens in MOMENTS!!!! I’m working on making mine perfect, my moments, I’m having a damn blast!! Because I won’t be there for my funeral, I won’t be there for the credits, and to be honest; I don’t really give a shit!! I’m focusing on my story, my journey, and the paragraphs between that captivates the audience and that motivates the outcome!!

I had the second best evening of my life last week! Why only the second best? Simply because the best day or date of my life hasn’t happened yet!! THAT’S the inspiration, THAT is the motivation, and THAT is the prologue that leads to a whole new and better ME, more successful, more motivated, more inspired, and a whole lot more BITCHIN!!!!!!

Is the mood a little somber now? Yeah that might have been a bit morbid, but the only way to change and make the rest of the day and this weekend better is for YOU to live it like a highlight reel, living it up like a video!

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