Inspiration Before The Weekend- You Owe Me 20 Dollars, Batman, Fuck You!!

Getting back on the horse? Possibly…probably not though, we’ve been pretty busy doing rad shit, handling not so rad shit, kicking ass, and taking names. Withoutherspoon watched 300 again the other day and grew three new chest hairs, inspiring!! He’s a whole new level of badass right now, I might need to step up my game!! We keep on moving though, going forward, exploring, because if there’s one thing that I just cannot deal with it has to be being idle. There’s only one speed over here, baby, and that is GO!!

Although sometimes one just needs to clear one’s head a bit, and the realist suggestion that I have ever received was to just go for a drive…sound a bit shallow? For some reason it is incredibly fulfilling. Bro, get yourself some tunes, fill that tank up with gas, take the first left, carry on for a bit, perhaps a right, somewhere, and head towards the stars!! No beer though, you can pop a top when you reach a dead en and reminisce a little, but be safe about the driving part, buddy. Do YOU!! There’s nobody else you should rather do, anyway, be the human embodiment of that Eye Of The Tiger tune, or something!! You’re a motherfucking ROCKSTAR!!

Life seems pretty weird at the moment, there are tons of new relationships, some pregnancy announcements, weddings, and breakups…I don’t much care for the first three, besides being incredibly stoked for my friends who are happy beyond belief, but I feel a little bit of something somewhere in my wasted soul for my friends whom are struggling though breakups. But then the advice will always be the same; grab a stack of ones and head to the stripclub, god knows SHE wouldn’t have gone with you! Check out some titties, there are few things in the world that either a nap or boobs can’t fix…in fact, does anybody have the email address for those ISIS fuckheads? I might know of a Syrian stripclub they could go and visit, and I’ll donate a couple of pillows afterwards so they can do the nap thing, they would most definitely rethink their whole shitty ideology after that!! Anyway, she dumped you into a sea of cock hungry women, bro!! Fuck, you’re better off without her, or perhaps you aren’t, in that case this should serve as a hard lesson, your first on the way to self improvement, get to fucking work.

Sitting back and wallowing in your self pity might be necessary for a day or two, but eventually you’re going to need to human the fuck up and get on with things…and I don’t mean to sound harsh, but the truth isn’t always pretty. And you know what, you CAN do it, because nobody can do you like you do you, man! Life’s about having a good time, and too few people remind themselves of this fact as often as they should, what would be the point if you’re not having any fun? So get out there, go for a drive, check out some knockers, chase some tail, bungee jump, try something new, eat that cupcake, drink that shot, take that selfie, jump into that pool, and never ever ever doubt yourself, because you really, truly, are the best!
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