Inspiration Before The Weekend- 2015 Can Suck My Balls

So here we are, so close to the end of yet another epic year that I am already tasting that New Year’s Eve tequila, champagne, and 12 o’clock kisses! I suppose that we can all agree that this was a particularly tough year, there has certainly been a couple of amazing moments also. And even though there is still more than enough time left to reflect on how we handled some of the less than ideal situations, tribulations, challenges, and damn right nasty experiences that we have endured, there is also a lil’ bit of a chance that you can make up for some of the time lost, and also reflect on the times, and days, and memories that have made this a pretty rad 2015. Crisis!! We’ve been to some of the most amazing places! We have met some of the most amazing people! We have done some of the most amazing things! 2015 was pretty fucking baller!!

Withoutherspoon actually suggested that we dedicate a whole Inspiration Before The Weekend post to one particular bird that we met this year, but that was about a month and a half ago and we’ve been pretty busy, and even just one post wouldn’t even do her the justice that she deserves! Man, she is just super nice, and incredibly friendly, and just an all round delight! Like, you know that song that you hear for the first time and you kind off just know that it would be one of your favorite songs for ever, even though you don’t really hear it that often? She is THAT amazing!! So here’s to YOU, I aspire to be as amazing as you are, C-DIMPLES!!! You are one of our favorite things that happened this year!!

Then I never fully understood the need for New Year’s Resolutions, I mean, this really is my favorite time of the year, without question! But I never really got why you should need a new calendar year before attempting changes in your life? So mine would be the same as every other year for the past 5 or so years; simply to make it better that the one preceding it! So here we go, BRO, gear up because this is going to be a cracker!! Let’s get shit on, turn it up, push it in the red, watch it all go up in smoke!! We’re having the time of our lives, strap in, and join us for the most electrifying, amazing, preposterous, magical, and best year ever! Let’s kick what’s left of 2015’s ass and make 2016 our bitch!!!