Inspiration Before The Weekend- Omerta

Aaayyee bitches, we’re back! Well, it’s almost a year, to the day, since we’ve last posted anything, and perhaps the internet was better off without us. So when I say that we’re back, I mean heavier, raunchier, louder, and more politically incorrect than ever! And I also mean that we’re going after this writing thing again in 2017, because 2016 was such an abortion of a year and we have a hell of a lot to catch up on.

So have you made any progress towards positively enforcing those New Year’s resolutions that you so whole heartedly swore you are going to tackle head on? For a day? For a week? You’re still going at it? Why on god’s green Earth not? No, busy isn’t that good of an excuse. You’re wasting your time reading this, right, so how busy are you really? You know, I fully agree that one needs a couple of minutes every day to just chill and breathe for a bit, however, have you added up all the time that you’ve wasted going on the exact same news website for the fifth time today? I really think you should tone that shit down, maybe only read the news three times tomorrow and with the extra time do a little towards those goals of yours. Send that email, make that phone call, request that information you need to do your thing, which you have reluctantly delayed because you were too “busy” making another cup of fucking coffee.

I always keep my New Year’s resolutions simple, though. There are some things that I intend to accomplish professionally which take president over other ambitions that I may have, but my general basket which holds my aspirations extends mostly towards spending more time with family and friends, getting out of the house, and doing rad shit. Hell, what’s the point of living if you’re not going to get out there and live a little! That entails more dinners, dates, adventures, fun, and to keep moving. Less saying no when people invite me to go out, motivating myself to go to that thing even though I would rather stay in bed and be lazy. Let’s be honest, and perhaps a little morbid for a second; none of us, our family, or our friends are going to be around forever, and I would rather have a massive treasure trove of amazing memories to choose from over the years than a handful of little smiles when the day comes that you need to remind yourself of the amazing person and life you had the pleasure of sharing with whomever is no longer here to share in your experiences.

So we’re making it happen, bro! This year we’re going hard, making our mark, getting after that shit, let’s make the world wonder where we find the time or energy to accomplish everything that we do. Let them envy us, let them admire us, and let us inspire them!





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