Inspiration Before The Weekend- Write It And They Will Come

Here we are again, with another weekend about to start and for most of us a world of potential to explore! I finished Bruce Springsteen’s audiobook version of Born To Run and it was a magnificent adventure, I am concretely convinced that I need to get myself a motorcycle and a car and pack in as many road trips as I can manage. But for this weekend we need to make do with what we have, after a productive and successful week. Well mostly successful, let’s be honest, there could have been more that we could have done and more that we could have accomplished.

Let’s get real for a second, I mean, those silly pseudo bullshit quotes that your Facebook friends sometimes share which read; your future self will thank you for the work that you do today, aren’t entirely bullshit, are they? It is true, and I suppose we need to be reminded of it rather frequently, lest we forget. The same way that we sometimes need to confront the brutal reality that it isn’t that hard to wind up hopelessly lost, homeless, or without anything. However you still have your wits, your ambition, and your work ethic. Bro, keep on doing you, you’re going to get there! It’s still early days in the year, remember to take a breath, have a beer, and put your feet up for a second.

Let’s get after having some fun this weekend, we’ll grind again on Monday!



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