Inspiration Before The Weekend- Start With Just The Tip

Getting there, slowly, unwavering, focused, however long it takes. Making daily strides towards a goal, or multiple goals, should become a habit, like morning coffee or checking your emails. As the age old cliché goes; a hundred mile journey starts with a single step. I suppose it would happen to everybody at different intervals throughout a week/year/lifetime, where the action to pursue an ambition would seem almost hopeless, like you do not have any idea what you are doing, like the task before you seems impossible and there is just no breakthrough, but essentially that is where you build your character, where you define you perseverance, and become that man or woman that you were destined to be!

Do you have any idea for how many billions of years this planet of ours has existed, BRO? Would you like to know how few people or actions have had any significant impact towards influencing even a small group of people, let alone have any direct influence in the many number of people who have been here before you, and experienced just as vivid, but less opportunistic, life as you are currently living? That number would only be a handful, statistically minuscule in the grand scheme of things. You have everything going for you, BRO! And that email that you need to send to get some information, that phone call that you need to make to be the first step towards achieving your ambitions will definitely not have any impact on the course of history, it’s not even a drop in the ocean, it would not influence humanity in any way, shape or form. And if the only possible reason why you haven’t yet made that first step is dented pride, then you are going to need to sack up, “it’s the fastest who get paid, and the fastest who get laid!”

Life ain’t particularly easy in this day and age, BRO, but it’s a hell of allot easier than it used to be. There is tons of information at your fingertips, unbelievably accessible mentors, and thousands of books that can supply the knowledge that you need. That excuse of “I don’t know where to start” no longer holds any water. Figure it out, like the big boy or girl that you are. Sometimes it might feel hopeless or overwhelming, but nothing is going to get done unless you initialize the momentum towards finishing a task. And god knows your mom won’t be there to hold your hand when you cross this threshold, these are the steps that you need to take on your own, and do you know what? I believe in you, and so do your family, and so do your friends! So fuck right off with your training wheel bullshit, make your actions speak for you, and force the world to be your bitch!

Hardships come, and tough times may last longer than you might think you can endure, but nothing is ever eternal, BRO. When you see it through, and figure out that you ain’t made of glass, that you are made of gainz, ambition, and solid sex appeal, and muster up the courage to crawl through the sludge and grab a fist full of that success, then you are well on your way! Look at you go, look at where you are. Has that shitty tattoo that you got straight out of high school stopped you from developing into the bad ass motherfucker that you are? Hell no! And that night that you got hammered and did bush diving in front of all those attractive girls at the golf course, did that keep you from being the alpha sun of a gun that you currently are? Hell to the fuck no, BRO! So look at you, you made it this far, why on god’s green one are you going to stop now??

Get after it, you dirty little double dicking bastard, I believe in you! The world is your goddamn oyster, and if you don’t continue to push towards your ambitions now then you will find yourself in exactly the kind of hole that you are aspiring to get out of at this very moment. Grind some gears, stir up the pot, and get to doing what you have wanted to pursue but haven’t yet made the first moves towards accomplishing. Have at it!



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